Make your own chocolate, from the cocoa bean to the bar


During our tour

Follow a hands-on workshop at the Chocolate Museum, where you will take part in the process of chocolate-making, starting from the very bean. 

The cocoa bean was considered sacred by the Incas, who used it for its highly nutritious qualities, for its energy content during their pilgrimages, as well as for spiritual connection.

Included in your tour fees:

- chocolate-making workshop at the Museo del Chocolate 

- 250g bar of chocolate made by you!

Fun facts

Peru ranks fourth worldwide in terms of plant diversity Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the cacao plants that make up its flora are among the richest on the planet.

Peruvian cacao exports are also on the rise, and especially organic cacao exports, which almost quadrupled in recent years, making Peru the world's second largest organic cacao exporter. 

And here's the best part: cacao is an environmentally-friendly crop. It can be grown in forests and agroforestry systems, helping to enrich soils and to prevent them from erosion. 

All in all, dark chocolate is not only delicious, it also has numerous health properties, and its crop is sustainable... so have another guilt-free bite!


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