Meet locals and delve into Peruvian culture


During your tour

Taking part in the September 2019 trip, you will have various opportunities to meet Quechua people, who also speak Spanish for the most part. In fact, you will spend a morning in a typical Quechua community, where you will interact with locals, learn about their way of life, and enjoy a typical meal made with local ingredients and cooked on firewood. You will also participate in a hand-weaving workshop during which you will see the various steps of hand weaving, from the fur to the finished product.

Included in your tour fees:

- Your 3% donation to the Amaru community
- Transport to the Amaru community
- Hand-weaving workshop
- Lunch cooked on firewood on made with with local organic ingredients
- Chicha tasting : a traditional drink made of fermented corn

Social diversity in Peru 

Peruvians are a fascinating mix of indigenous people whose lifestyle has changed very little in the last one hundred years, with a younger technically-savvy generation that speaks perfect English and organizes protests for gender equality and environmental protection. 

Peru's indigenous population is one of the most significant in South America, making up 45% of its population. It is mainly divided between Quechuas (Cusco region), Aymaras (Puno region), and Arawaks (jungle). These peoples proudly maintain their traditions, beliefs and customs.  Many people continue to cook with firewood, to use animals in agricultural activities, to perform manual activities such as hand weaving, and to practice traditional dances and music.