Visit to the Amaru community

Visit to the Amaru community


Imagine a life where you need to buy nearly nothing. 

A life where you grow all your food, and where each meal nourishes your body with the most organic and nutritious ingredients; where you live in harmony with the rhythm of Nature, with each sunrise and each change of the seasons. 

Where everyone builds their own houses; where each and every task is done communally, never alone; and where you constantly help others, because according to the belief of Ayni, you always eventually receive more than what you give.

There are great lessons we can learn from the native Amaru people in Peru, especially in these times where many people feel the urge to reconnect with Nature, finding solace in Her amidst the surrounding fear and uncertainty.


And at the same time, the Amaru people are always happy to learn tips and about the culture of their visitors (around themes like business, English, architecture, etc.).

This is why we created Cultural Exchange trips to the Amaru community: what could be more beautiful and fulfilling than learning, sharing, helping, and growing with other human beings, breaking cultural barriers along the way?

Please contact us at to inquire about or book a Cultural Exchange Trip.

Day 1: Arrival

Arrival to Cusco. Take the day to acclimatize, and to explore the city a bit.

Day 3: Pisac

Off we go to Pisac in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Here you will meet your host native community.

Day 5: Cultural Exchange

Daily activities pertaining to the cultural exchange program.

Day 7: Day hike

Today is all about enjoying, breathing, and appreciating Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Day 9: Back to Cusco

We'll slowly make our way back to Cusco, where we will have our goodbye dinner tonight.

Day 2: Ruins around Cusco

We will walk along the footsteps of the Incas to the archeological centres around Cusco.

Day 4: Cultural exchange 

Daily activities pertaining to the cultural exchange program.

Day 6: Cultural Exchange

Daily activities pertaining to the cultural exchange program.

Day 8: Machu Picchu!

Today we will explore this great Inca citadel, which remains in incredibly good condition to this day.

Day 10: Departure

Unfortunately, it’s time for goodbyes. Off you go back home, with your heart and soul full of happiness, fulfillment, and unforgettable memories!


Offering to the Earth Ceremony with Walter Peña Huarca from the Amaru Community 

Lucía shares her teachings about love 
Part 3: Munay

Lucía shares her teachings about love 
Part 1: Courtship and Romance

Wisdom & Finding a home 
Part 1: Yachay

Lucía shares her teachings about love 
Part 2: Engagement and Marriage

Wisdom & the Quechua culture
Part 2: Yachay

Ancestral Wisdom 
Part 3: Yachay

Work Ethic & Livelihood 
Part 1: Llank'ay

Communal Work 
Part 2: Llank'ay

Walter and his wife Lucia are from Amaru, an indigenous Peruvian community located in the high Peruvian Andes, near Cusco. They are carriers of knowledge and wisdom that they not only use to support their community, but also very generously share with us. 

We are ever grateful for their teachings, and once travel resumes again, we hope you will include a visit to Amaru in your next trip to Peru!