What makes us a responsible travel agency?

We make sure your donation goes to the right place

Almost every challenge that people with low income face comes down to a lack of money.  

No money to buy hand soap -which is absent in most homes -, to buy books - education generally stops after primary school -, to buy healthy food - hence the very high rates of malnutrition and anemia -, to buy medication - people only go to the doctor when their situation becomes utterly unbearable -, to replace the roof that is leaking, etc. etc. etc.

Here is where you come into play: 3% of the total cost of your tour will go directly to buying some of the most needed items in a community you will visit during your trip;  or to help fund a social project that is already in place but in need of additional funding.

We'll take care of everything and keep you updated as to where exactly your donation will be going.

So relax and smile: you will be doing your part.

  We support the local economy

This does not mean we will have you sleep in a cheap hostel because it benefits the local family who owns it. We always aim for 3-star hotels. 

But whenever possible, especially for the activities, we choose organizations that hire local residents, or that distribute the economic benefits amongst the greatest number of local people. For example, the Llama Pack Project, whose guides will be taking us on a hike along with llamas, works in partnership with 60 rural families in the Urubamba Mountain Range.

We support local social projects

There are already a number of social projects up and running in the Cusco area.  One example is Café Daria, a restaurant that employs youth with special needs, and where all profits go towards the NGO Manos Unidas that runs two schools for children with special needs in Cusco.

Another example is Heart Cafe in Ollantaytambo, where the profits go to Living Heart, a charity that aims to improve nutrition, health and education for children in the Sacred Valley of Cusco.

Therefore, supporting local projects can be as simple as eating a delicious sandwich at places like Cafe Daria or Hearts Cafe. 

What makes us a sustainable travel agency?


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