Outdoor excursions


A trek with llamas in Cusco, Peru - courtesy of the Llama Pack Project

During your tour

During the Sacred Valley of the Incas tour (the first is in September 2019 and the second is in December 2019), you will take a 7 km-hike in the company of llamas in the high Andean mountains, guided by local llama herders. 


While having fun, you are also supporting a local project that supports rural families and protects ecosystems.

We will also take you on an easy-level hike to a hidden waterfall in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, one that remains unknown even to many locals. 

During the  Jungle and coast of Peru tour in August 2020, after visiting Lima we take you to Chachapoyas, home to the 5th and 15th highest waterfalls in the world. There, you will have the chance to rappel down a waterfall in the jungle. We will also trek to the Kuelap ruins and to sarcophagi from the Chachapoyas era.

During the  Vineyards of Chile tour in January 2021, we will trek to an extinguished volcano in the incredible National Reserve Altos de Lircay. 

Included in your trip fees:

- Private transport to the starting point of all treks

- First aid kits 

The Gocta, 15th highest waterfall worldwide,

situated in Chachapoyas, Peru