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We have three main objectives:

Your trip of a lifetime

    We want you to get away. To forget about work,...

quality service

You well deserved this vacation. Therefore, we select quality hotels (like the one on the picture), restaurants, and means of transport, always with the best price-to-quality ratio.

Your safety is a priority for us. We make sure that you and your belongings are safe throughout the entire trip by hiring reliable staff; by remaining within safe regions; and by having emergency services ready and only a phone call away.

For this purpose as well, we require that you buy travel insurance before booking one of our trips.

Sustainable travel
Here is how

      We are a sustainable travel agency officially registered in Peru that provides small-group tours to Peru, and wellness retreats in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. While guaranteeing quality service, we prioritize sustainable travel by donating 3% of the cost of every tour to a low-income community in Peru; contributing to the local economy; visiting local communities; and by offering activities that have a minimal carbon footprint on local communities and the environment.

      As you can see in the 'Upcoming trips' section, we offer group tours on specific dates, but we also offer customized tours based on your preferred attractions, budget and dates.

      Although we are based in Cusco, Peru, our office is the Internet.  If you want to have a one-on-one chat, let's arrange a Facetime or Skype meeting. If you want to talk over the phone, let's chat over WhatsApp. You can also email us anytime at info@toursforyoursoul.com

Meet The Team

Karina Fortier

General manager.

She is Canadian, but has been living in Peru for the past four years.  She is the contact person between English or French-speaking travellers and the Peruvian community. 

''My goal is to connect two seemingly opposite worlds together; and to have the best of each interchange between one another. A fantasy? Not at all. 21st century travel is already making this happen.''

Javier Jesus Paz Valdivia

Staff manager.

Javier has worked for several tourism agencies in the past. He is also a curandero who works with medicinal plants and with the San Pedro cactus, that has been used for spiritual connection here in the Andes for millennia.

''Every thing that is one is true: one Sun, one Moon, one Earth.... and all the human beings? One humanity. And all the stars? One Universe.''

What makes us a sustainable travel agency?


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