Villa Magica, Lamay

Villa Magica, Lamay

Wilcamayu river

Wilcamayu river

Villa Magica, Lamay

Villa Magica, Lamay

Hike near the Kinsa Cocha lakes

Hike near the Kinsa Cocha lakes



 We offer retreats to bring health and balance to the body, and harmony and peace to the soul; for you to heal, to expand and remember the ancestral knowledge and sacred divine within us; to reconnect with Mother Earth and with your higher self.

  You will be guided by experts in various branches of natural medicine, as well as by Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the powerful energy of the Andes. The retreats take place in Villa Magica, Lamay, in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru.

You will find below already designed retreats - but if you would like your own custom retreat, contact us so we can arrange that for you!    


MAY 1 - 12 2022
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This retreat is based in the isolated town of Lamay in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru. It includes 3 Ayahuasca, 1 San Pedro, 1 Temazcal, 1 Coca and 1 Cacao ceremonies; an optional Wilka ceremony; flower bath; yoga; meditation; breath work; hikes to the breathtaking Kinsa Cocha lakes and to highly energetic Inca ruins; a visit to a native community; workshops on medicinal plants & remedies, and a Despacho (offering to the Earth).

Ayahuasca and San Pedro are sacred master plants native to Peru that allow us to do profound generational healing work, to connect with our higher self, with our inner child, with Mother Earth; and to prepare us for the ascension that this new humanity is embracing.

  The Apus (guardian spirits of the tallest mountains) surrounding the retreat space protect and accompany us on this truly magical journey. 

  The group size is only 6-8 people, which will allow us to meet each other from soul to soul, and become a real family, always there for one another. 

We must unite now more than ever.


May 1 - 12 2022

Triple room 1550 USD

Double room 1750 USD

Master room 1990 USD


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Transfer from Cusco to the Sacred Valley

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11 nights of accommodation

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A high-quality organic meal plan

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Yoga & meditation every other day

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All activities and ceremonies

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A professional and loving support team



Karina Fortier

Karina Fortier, of Mexican-Canadian descent, first arrived to Peru in 2013. That is where her spiritual journey began with the Master Plant Wachuma. Since that day, she has been learning from various Spirits including Coca, Mapacho, Rapé, Ayahuasca, Kambo, and Pachamama of course.

Karina is a certified yoga teacher, and the

 founder of Tours for your Soul, a regenerative travel agency that leads tours and wellness retreats in Peru. She is a certified Ecotherapy guide, a singer-songwriter, and a dedicated advocate for Mother Earth.  

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Jacquo Richards

As she was completing her Science undergrad in Canada, Jacquo received an incredibly profound physical healing through the use of spiritual medicine. She realized that today’s naturopathic medicine would not be able to provide for her what she received from spiritual medicine. 

In 2014 she had booked a one way ticket for Peru, where she fell in love with the land, it’s people, and their connection to Pachamama, also known as Mother Nature. Since then, Jacquo has been working diligently with the sacred plant medicines and practicing energy work. In 2017 Jacquo was granted permission by the medicines themselves to begin holding sacred space and serving these plants to others. Jacquo now works with her spirit guides to bring love and high frequencies to the temple space for small and private ceremonial events.

“Nature itself is the best physician.”

– Hippocrates