Andean spirituality
April 1st - 11th 2021

Girl in a Forest

This retreat includes Ayahuasca and Wachuma ceremonies; yoga classes; meditation; conscious breathing sessions; hikes to the breathtaking Kinsa Cocha lakes, to a hidden waterfall, and to the incredible ruins of Pisac; workshops on medicinal plants & remedies, and more (Ayahuasca and Wachuma are master plants used for healing and spiritual purposes, under the expert guidance of a curandero, meaning 'healer').
This retreat is ideal for those who want to begin or deepen their spiritual journey, are conscious they need a significant change whether in their lives, and/or seek to improve their overall well-being. We give you the tools, you make up the lifestyle you've always wanted. Come with an open mind, and you will connect with the plants, with Mother Nature and with your superior being.

Price: US$ 1150

Yoga & Meditation in the Andes
May 1st - 8th 2021


This retreat includes yoga classes; meditation; breath work; hikes to a hidden waterfall and to the breathtaking Kinsa Cocha lakes; workshops on medicinal plants and on Andean cosmovision; ecothrapy; sound healing; and one Wachuma communion, and more (Wachuma is a cactus found in the Andes that has been used for spiritual connection for millennia).

This retreat is ideal for people who love the outdoors, and who are interested in alternative medicines. It is also recommended for those who just need a break from it all, a change of scenery.
Even seven days is enough to give you some time to breathe, to learn new skills, perhaps to re-evaluate your goals and dreams, and to finally listen to what your body and soul need.

Price: US$ 969